Meeting Locations

CMOMs holds monthly “in-person” meetings, alternating between a central location in Charlotte and our subdivided District Areas. Visit our Event Information page for more details and contact info!! To see the district that's right for you, see a breakdown here.  CMOMs Boundary Lines by Zip Code.docx

Other Locations

We also offer fun family socials several times a year. In the spring, we host a Social and Silent Auction, in October we host a family picnic, and in December we have a family-friendly holiday party.

We have divided the greater Charlotte area into several regional “Districts” to foster relationship building and support within each local area via District Meetings, playdates, and MOMs’ Nights Out.

Our semi-annual Clothing and Equipment Sales, held each spring and fall, are the biggest and best Charlotte has to offer!! With over 250 member-Sellers, you can find everything you need to stock your household with clothes, strollers, toys, shoes, furniture… anything you need for your bundles of joy! And Members get to enjoy a private shopping night before the Sale is open to the public!

Our fiscal year is from August 1 to July 31. New members pay dues according to the following schedule:

* $30 to join during August-February, for the entire fiscal year.

* $20 to join during March-July, for the remainder of the fiscal year.

* Discounted/waived memberships are available to financially distressed families.

Questions? Please email us at or call our info line at 704-341-9979!